Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New PALS Adapters from TYR Tactical

PICO Assaulter's Version w/ PALs
You can soon supplement your PICO or Lightweight Plate Carrier with up to nine mags utilizing TYR Tactical's New PALs Adapters. 

As you can see in this photo of the Assaulter's Version PICO, you can easily hold seven magazines of ammo utilizing the mag inserts in conjunction with a three-row and four-column MOLLE PALs system. 

Since the system provides additional MOLLE loops, you are not taking away useful space for carrying additional pouches. TYR is constantly innovating and making products that are lightweight to serve the interest of military personnel. 

The total chest rig just breaks the four-pound mark with soft armor in their large size version. This could be a high demand product as the armed forces are making strides in seeking lightweight personal protective equipment. Not to mention the troops who have discretion in purchasing their own protection with versatile attachments.

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