Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HyperStealth SPE4CE Sierra Camouflage Utlized by ANCOP

Earlier this week Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. highlighted the use of their camouflage by Afghanistan's elite police force. The Afghan National Civil Order Police are the cream of the crop and best trained in the entire country. This is a shot of General Petraeus meeting with the senior leaders of ANCOP. We had mentioned late last week that the Canada based camouflage design company may soon be selling additional uniforms in this pattern among other color variants, as soon as their initial pre-orders are fulfilled.

Photo by ISAF Media

In a somewhat related photo below, we have a leading Jordanian Imam wearing a uniform in Hyperstealth's KA2 Camouflage, that is worn by Jordan's Army and Air Force. He was visiting other leaders of Islam in Afghanistan to promote peace in the country. I like that he he comes dressed in a military uniform for this religious mission of peace. However, it seems that the Jordanians show a strong solidarity with their armed forces, and you can also find photos of the King of Jordan in the same combat uniform. I have also seen a female chaplain already has her hands on a MultiCam Uniform in Afghanistan. 

Photo by Master Sgt. Cadiz

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  1. The Jordanians have soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. I would be willing to bet they were sponsoring this event.