Monday, March 7, 2011

Guerrilla Marketing: Camouflage Landmines

UNICEF really knows how to get out awareness. Here is a flier making the rounds showing their latest marketing campaign. They camouflaged stickers based on the location where they would place them with the sticky side up. Unsuspecting passersby would step on the sticker and perhaps not notice at first, but later down the road would notice their new buddy clinging to their shoe. Everyone knows what its like to have something sticky on your show. Either it starts picking up pebbles or other debris and eventually becomes noticeable . 

As soon as you find a sticker on your shoe, you are bound to take it off unless you are rather lazy. Once you peel off the shoe parasite, you notice a message beneath reading, "In many other countries you would now be mutilated. Help the victims of landmines!" 

Message aside, this is an ingenious way to get your point across. Not only should this marketing guru get an award for increasing visits to their website by 100% and increasing donations, but they should also be recognized for getting this flier out. It alone seems to be going viral as we speak, which only brings in more visitors. Lets just hope no one biffs it on a slippery service, making this campaign even more realistic. 

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