Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ford Tests Police Interceptor Vs. Chevy and Dodge

Ford has released test drive videos of their two latest interceptors, which they have dubbed the Sedan and Utility Interceptors. These are essentially the Taurus and Explorer decked out with AWD and other advanced features for official police driving application.

These interceptors both have V6 Engines that claim to have V8 power. The Utility truck pulls 300 Horse Power with a 3.7 Liter Engine and the Sedan has 2 3.5 L Engine types including one that has 280 Horse Power and one with a patented ECO Boost technology that adds 85 more horses.

The video we provided below shows the two Ford Police interceptors competing in a test drive against some of the latest models of the Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Charger. This is a wet track test that took place  at the Ford proving grounds in Arizona.

For more video footage, check out Ford Test Drive

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