Saturday, March 26, 2011

British ISAF Forces: Afghanistan Top Gear Challenge

Without the commentary you might think this is some hardcore version of Top Gear taking place in Afghanistan. These British ISAF Forces are on a training track learning how their vehicles will operate in the tough terrain of the Helmand Province or beyond. This is necessary to become accustomed to driving these different vehicles prior to patrolling the dangerous "roads" of Afghanistan for insurgents or performing other essential operations. The ATV's pulling trailers look particularly fun, sans the chance of taking on gunfire.

There are also some good shots of a the first British Soldier show his use of Desert DPM camo on the Multi-Terrain Pattern Uniform and the second soldier has the same MTP Uniform, but has some odd ball camo on the plate carrier.

Perhaps this is a British response to a MuliCam knockoff offered by the U.S. Army as mentioned in SSD yesterday, but is certainly more subtle.  Maybe this is how Crye Precision worked out the MTP for webbing, but it doesn't seem right at least from this shot. I guess it is better than the khaki MOLLE option, seen on a lot of the other MTP personal equipment used by the British Army.

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  1. I think the 2nd soldiers camo could be the 'Hybrid DPM' developed under the PECOC program, which was (maybe still is) running shortly before MTP was chosen.