Saturday, March 19, 2011

British Forces Trial Ultra Electronics Gunfire Locator System

The Rifle Mounted Gunfire Locator System (RMGLS) can put a soldier on target to an enemy sniper that had just fired a shot, within 7 degree accuracy in direction and elevation, with up to a three-quarter mile range. 

Ultra Electronics Gunfire Locator utilizes patented acoustic technology built in to the one-pound tactical device that is easily attached to the rifle. The spherical sensor with some flat surface in key spots detects the frequency of specific sounds from small to medium caliber rounds within range. Thus allowing the system to block out any background noise and only finding gunfire from afire. It is also said to block out gunfire from nearby friendlies and is designed to not be disturbed by movement of the rifle.

The display screen is about as impressive as the sensor portion, as it provides a readout on the position within 2 seconds of detecting gunfire. A directional compass arrow guides the rifleman to the appropriate direction of the enemy shooter, and a cross-hairs read out points the aim to the appropriate target. The tactical device runs on 2 AA batteries for up to 7 hours with an on/off switch for when you are not in action.

The Daily Mail noted that British snipers were trailing the high tech gadget in Afghanistan and the paper certainly had their own interesting spin on the story. Here is a great summary of the Gunfire locator provided by Ultra Electronics, pointing out the key features of the device, as well as the benefits to troops on the ground. While saving lives is paramount, apparently saving ammo is another key factor they point out. There is a plethora of details for all you Spec-whores looking for some good Saturday afternoon reading material.

Ultra Electronics Gunfire Locator

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