Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video: USMC Combat with Digital Woodland MARPAT in Sangin District, Afghanistan

We have been covering the new use of the Digital Woodland MARPAT by U.S. Marines during combat missions in Afghanistan. Here is a great video of Marines in the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion engaging enemy combatants, back in November of last year. Note that these Marines already had the Woodland MARPAT Variant on hand, when most images showed Marines wearing the Desert pattern.

There were plenty of reports of the use of this camouflage pre-official announcement of its deployment for specific use in particular regions of OEF, so this comes as no surprise. Many Special Forces choose the camouflage that they want to wear, which was the recent case with MARSOC wearing non-digital Woodland  BDU style camo, but with the latest manufacturing from Crye Precision.

This is a great footage of the USMC in action in the District of Sangin. This is quickly becoming known as one of the most violent locations in Afghanistan

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