Tuesday, February 8, 2011

U.S. Air Force Requesting DriFire Phoenix II FR MultiCam Flight Suits

The U.S. Air Force just released a Request For Quote (RFQ) last week requesting DriFire Phoenix II Fire Resistant Jacket and Pants in MultiCam camouflage pattern. In total they have requested 200 FR MultiCam Summer Flight suits, FR Combat Shirts, and Desert Sand T-Shirts. This would be a large enough order to cover an entire wing or more. 

Without further elaboration, it is hard to say if this would just be for Special OPS, testing, or a start to something major, in terms of outfitting all flight crew in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, or OCP as it is known for use in Afghanistan. 

DriFire has noted that the MultiCam Summer Flight Suits are due for release this month, so it will be exciting to see how quick we start seeing these in use by USAF flight crews in Afghanistan. Rumors abound that they are already in use, which would not be a surprise, but I want to see some photos. I have seen that DriFire has now posted that MultiCam is available for Made to Order flight suits, specifically on their Winter Flight Suit Jacket.  

Delivery date for the RFQ is specified as May 1st, so it may be a bit longer before the photos come pouring out. It was already noted by the Air Force in a previous article that U.S. Airmen will start being issued  OCP Uniforms to replace their ABUs, so it is just a matter of time before everyone gets their turn for the swap out. 

The DriFire Phenix II FR Flight Suit is quite impressive with its high tech clothing features. The fabric will maintain its flame resistance through intensive wear and tear, as well as extensive laundering. Since it is a two-piece flight suit, you will have improved air flow for cooling, as well as better limb movement. It also features anti-microbial protection, and moisture wicking to ward of body odor and sweat build up. The photo shown here is the khaki version which is immediately available. 


  1. In the Air Force that I'm in, 200 FS's would outfit just one large flying squadron (transports or heavies).
    And don't get too excited, I don't think you'll EVER see a two piece FS in ejection seat aircraft. Just heavies and helo's.

  2. most likely just helos dont get your hopes up uh-1 and hh60 all the way