Sunday, February 20, 2011

U.S. Air Force Issuing MultiCam to All Airmen in Afghanistan

It was reported today that all Airmen will be issued the Army Combat Uniform in MultiCam Camouflage if they are being deployed to Afghanistan. They will leave the ABU behind and be provided with the new MultiCam ACU. The Air Force Times reported that priority will  be given to those Airmen already wearing the ABU.

The major development being made now, is that "all" Airmen (inside and outside) the wire will be provided with the camouflage dubbed as Operation Enduring Camouflage Pattern or OCP for short. The uniforms will feature fire resistant properties, insect repellent, and offer better functionality with a lighter weight and moisture wicking material.

We had recently reported on an RFQ made by the U.S. Air Force for MultiCam flight suits which was swiftly cancelled. It would be interesting to finally see these two-piece flights suits come available to Airmen. Perhaps recent decisions on a full out issuance of OCP to Airmen taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom, marginalized any individual unit requests. This is mere speculation, but it would make sense to have a streamlined ordering procedure when it comes to a massive wholesale change out in uniform like this.

Photo by US Air Force Sgt. Christopher Boitz


  1. Sad that this comes after the USAF designed their own special camouflage pattern.

  2. The ABU was a smart choice for airmen that want to blend in with soldiers and it allows the AF to use the army's ACU patterned gear, but the camo design itself is only good for hiding yourself in either a field of cinder block dust or a gaggle of grunts. I hope MultiCam becomes our official uniform pattern one day in the near future.