Saturday, February 12, 2011

SHOT Show Presentation: TYR Tactical Displays MultiCam Military Gear

The founder of TYR Tactical, Jason Beck presents the key aspects of his tactical gear produced for the military, including the Modular Sniper System, as well as a wide assortment of pouches. All items were in MultiCam Camouflage, which was popular at the convention given its popularity, however they make all products in a variety of colors.

We were lucky to check out the wide assortment of military equipment offered, while at the SHOT show in Vegas, but missed a great presentation as shown here. You can see that Mr. Beck has great enthusiasm about his product, but also explains the methods and materials utilized for his gear quite well. In an environment like the SHOT Show, where you have thousands of people viewing your products, all who are a part of the industry, it is very important to know your product first hand and be able to convey your expertise in its manufacturing.

This video by Mil-Spec-Monkey displays great tactical gear and a designer that can make it. 

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