Monday, February 7, 2011

Ministry of Defense Issuing New Personal Clothing System for UK Armed Forces

The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence highlighted the new Military Uniforms to be issued to their Front Line Command this quarter. The new Personal Clothing System (PCS) is to replace the long utilized Combat Soldier 95, so named back in 1995 when it was first introduced. 

The Multi-Terrain Pattern camouflage utilized on the Combat Uniform will remain as currently used and is very similar to the MultiCam now starting to be used by the US Army, Air Force, as well as the Australian armed forces in Afghanistan. Items that are not in MTP Camo will be provided in khaki. The Woodland and Desert DPM previously utilized by British troops will be phased out completely. New recruits will start receiving the new PCS by the end of 2011, and the full implementation of the Combat Uniform is expected to be complete by 2013. 

The UK MOD has also noted that like the U.S. Army Combat Uniform, they are taking into consideration a uniform that better fits the contours of the female figure. Men and Woman soldiers are built differently and a modified female uniform can certainly provide more comfort, and a more professional appearance. 

A major factor pointed out for the long roll out are budgetary concerns, and meeting costs over a longer span of time. Other highlights noted are Hot Weather Uniform alternatives in development that are more lightweight, and treated with insect repellent. As well as layers with multiple body armor integration options, which will be included with all PCS issued. 

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