Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milwaukee Utilizing ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System (GLS)

ShotSpotter GLS is now utilized by 50+ cities and 4 international locations for local law enforcement officers and defense personnel to pinpoint the location of shots fired. Milwaukee is the latest city to utilize the technology to better police specific high crime neighborhoods.

We have provided the company's promotional video below to show the highlights of the technology and how it works. It was first utilized in Redwood City, CA near the company's headquarters in the tech hub of Mountain View. The system has been accredited with many major apprehensions including the Ohio Freeway Sniper in 2003, as well as drastic reductions in indiscriminate gunfire in many cities.

Police One has reported on its use in Wisconsin's largest city, in a specific neighborhood where random gunfire and high incidents of violence area common problem. The biggest debate of such a system is if the crime reduction or related harm to a city's citizens are reduced enough to give credence to the increase in cost to taxpayers. As a victim of gun violence, you are surely more likely to support such a system. However, these types a surveillance programs can have their detractors. 

The company claims that the technology that they have created is able to not only detect gunfire and block out other "noise", but also narrow down the type of weapon used if enough data is collected. Statistics and studies in field testing can only take a product so far to convince a public of its usefulness in reality. Perhaps with the support of all local law enforcement agencies, as well as the associated governing bodies, ShotSpotter has a bright future with growth across the urban landscape of the United States and abroad. 

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