Thursday, February 24, 2011

Latest Camouflage Uniform Developments

DCS ATACS Field Function Shot
It has been an exciting week with several different highlights in the camouflage design industry. In an environment where it can take years to produce a viable pattern for commercial or governmental uniforms, things have moved fast in the past month. 

The camouflage design company Hyde Definition notified us that their PenCott family of patterns will be on the short list to contend in the Polish Army's ISW Tytan Future Soldier Camouflage solicitation. They will have tough competition with patterns like Warg (Roggenwolf), A-TACS (DCS), MultiCam (Crye Precision) and Mirage (Bulldog), being put forward for consideration as well. 

Soldier Systems Daily had a great exclusive on the Mirage Camouflage MBS-1 Uniform produced by SPECOPS, using the Bulldog Tactical Equipment pattern. This is the same Polish Military and Tactical clothing company, that produced the Warg 5D-PL and 5F-PL Uniforms using Roggenwolf's desert and woodland patterns. SPECOPS may have plans in the works with other camouflage designers as well. Hope to see some more photos soon. 

Digital Concealment Systems provided a little more insight on a new A-TACS Pattern to tentatively be debuted before the end of the year. As expected they will be releasing a counter pattern to their Arid and Urban camouflage variant, which is currently being utilized by several manufacturers for their tactical clothing, weapons, and military gear. DCS noted that the new A-TACS pattern variant will be a Wet/Temperate camo. Jungle camo is the first thing that came to mind when he mentioned this option.

Hyde Definition PenCott Field Function Shot
What surprised me is that they will have a different pattern as well. They are keeping the new camouflage it in the   A-TACS family of patterns.  However, they are not only changing the color palette, but also adjusting the pattern to fit the new "jungle" environment. They are also working out the final details for their response to the U.S. Army's Phase IV Camo solicitation. We hope to share some examples of these 3 or 4 camouflage variants as soon as possible. 

In additional Hyde Definition news, they have  noted a new agreement with SOD Gear out of Italy to manufacture uniforms utilizing their PenCott family of patterns, for commercial use. The PenCott Uniforms will be introduced to the European market, which has a big following for military camouflage clothing, and hopefully will have some carryover to the US. On a final note, Hyde Definition alerted us to some new developments coming up in the next move for their camouflage design company. We hope to get further information later next week on this announcement. 

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