Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DPMS Panther Arms Oracle ATACS

Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) has highlighted their relationship with DPMS Panther Arms, and the offering of the 16" Oracle A-TACS on the company's Advanced Tactical Concealment System site. This is quite an impressive weapon and  I was excited to see that it is available for sale.

It is noted that DPMS Firearms, LLC is now the second largest weapons manufacturers of the AR-15. Bushmaster is the top producer and also has partnered with DCS to offer M4-Type Carbine in A-TACS camo. To round out the gun category, Remington is offering their Model 870 Express Tactical Shotgun to further grow the popularity of the up and coming camo. 

Clearly DCS is looking to reach a wide reaching audience by selecting partners whom they know have been tried and true with their product. The popularity of their weaponry and built in fan base of these companies are a sure way to get your camouflage pattern noticed. 

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