Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blast Boxers: Will the Family Jewels be Encrusted in Afghanistan?

BCB International: Blast Boxers
When reporting on armored boxers, I think a certain amount of levity is allowed, however I can see why I would want this product in a combat zone.

BCB International has noted that the new undergarments to be up for consideration by the U.S. Army, Marine Corp, and other branches of the armed forces, will not only protect soldier's lives by minimizing injury to the femoral artery, but will also help in preventing mutilation, that can bring life long psychological damage.

Fox News reported on the underwear under consideration by the U.S Army's Natick for issuance to troops in combat zones. It is noted that BCB International will manufacture the Blast boxers in conjunction with Seneca Cayuga Industries at their New York based factory, so it will be a domestically manufactured garment.

The boxers are also designed to mil-spec standards, which makes it clear that they are putting their best foot forward in garnering a Department of Defense contract. The Kevlar material will protect the groinal region all the way down the leg, to include the femoral artery. It will not provide 100% protection from a bomb blast, but will aid in preventing death, major injury, and disfigurement.

In addition to comprehensive ballistics test, the boxers were tested on a 10 mile run and proven to be comfortable for the test participants. The diagram shown here highlights features of protection, and comfort (breathability). What is not shown are their anti-odor properties built into the fabric, and their light weight for easy movement.

BCB's R&D Manager stated, "We have previously done extensive trials in the lab and on the firing range, which proved the Blast Boxers would stop many of the fragments from an I.E.D. But nothing, apart from using high explosives, could replicate the devastating blast effects of an I.E.D. on the lower exposed groin region". BCB were understandably disappointed when commenting on being turned down by their home town UK Ministry of Defence for a competing vendor, but it looks like they pushing forward to gain ground with a U.S. Military commitment. 

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