Sunday, February 13, 2011

Battle For Marjah: HBO Documentary on Operation Moshtarak in Afghanistan

From the preview this looks to be a great documentary covering the U.S. Marines in the Afghanistan War Zone. The major focus being the largest battle to take place from the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. This included an offensive on the town of Marjah, one of the Talibans larger bastions in the embattled Helmand Province.

From the synopsis, the documentary promises to show the complexities of the War in Afghanistan including the interaction between the U.S. Marines, Taliban fighters, local Afghanis, Afghan Army, and fellow soldiers. Hopefully this will be an unbiased view of the war operation, since there is first hand footage for the documentary. Once could hope for a movie near as good as the depiction provide by Restrepo for OEF, which is now up for an Oscar.

Battle for Marjah will debut on HBO at 9PM EST this Thursday, February 17th. 

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