Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Propper A-TACS TAC.U Combat Shirt and Pants

Propper TAC.U Combat Uniform Prototype
Going to Vegas we knew that Propper's A-TACS ACU display would be a highlight, to see first hand. It turns out that there are many products on hand in the Digital Concealment Systems camouflage, that really drew a big crowd for the unveiling of new products.

In the photo to the right you can get one of the first looks at a prototype of the A-TACS TAC.U combat shirt and pants as well as the full camo Danner boots. These are the similar specs as the ACU except there are special features that are typically geared toward the tactical and law enforcement community.

The new A-TACS TAC.U Combat Shirt will feature pocketed shoulders in which to put padding, fastener on rear of collar for nametape, zippered pockets on the sleeves, thumb holes and loop fasteners on the cuffs, pouches on the outside of the elbows for pads, and gusseted underarms. The sleeves will be manufactured with a 50/50 nylon/cotton blend and a Ripstop weave, and the body of the shirt will have a 60/40 knitted cotton/poly mix. In addition to the Advanced Tactical Concealment Systems camouflage, the combat shirt will be available with different respectively colored sleeves and body such as black on black, LAPD navy blue on black, khaki on sand, and olive green on olive green. The sleeves on these shirts will have a different fabric including a 65/35 poly/cotton blend w/ Ripstop.

A-TACS TAC.U Combat Pants
The Propper TAC.U pants includes a gusseted crotch on the trousers, zippered fly with 2 buttons at the waist, cargo pockets with sectioned compartments for magazines, knife holds in the rear pockets, calf pockets, and a flashlight pocket.

The trousers are manufactured with the popular Battle Rip 65/35 poly cotton blend with stretch nylon. They also feature the Ripstop weave. The pants will be  available in your normal police colors including black, LAPD navy blue, khaki, and olive green. The diagram to the right gives more in-depth outlines of the key features.

Propper just released today that A-TACS ACU and head wear will be available for purchase in March. We hope to have the apparel available for sale as soon as possible.

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