Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Roggenwolf: Warg Camouflage Pattern Optioned for European Military Trials

We had just recently mentioned the Roggenwolf camouflage design company and their Warg family of camouflage patterns in an article on the Phase IV Camo Competition to be put on by the U.S. Army. The company's founder, Brad Turner had just recently proposed the Warg selection as an option to meet the needs of the U.S. Army in there search for a Woodland, Desert, and Transitional camouflage uniform option. If you have been following the world of military camouflage lately, you would have seen that things can change swiftly.

Roggenwolf has notified us that the Warg Camouflage has been optioned by an EU nation for trials in a similar objective through an allied future soldier program, and would no longer be an option for the U.S. Army's "Phase IV Family of Patterns Competition". 

The Polish company SPECOPS manufactured these uniforms and specializes in the design and production of clothing and equipment for the military, police forces, EMS, and other public safety community members in Poland. The photos provided here are the first examples of any Warg Camouflage Pattern on a uniform to be released. You can see the Woodwose Camouflage in the photos, which is the Woodland Camouflage variant of the Warg Family, also known as Leszy in Polish. 

Woodwose Camouflage "Leszy"
This will not be Roggenwolf's first European nation to show interest in their camouflage for its Military Uniforms. Just recently they developed the V├órcolac (Werewolf) Camouflage for the Romanian Ministry of Defense. They also consulted and proposed options for trial with various nations over the past 5 years.  Roggenwolf has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.  

Since SPECOPS has taken the Warg family of patterns off the table for these trials, this begs the question, "What will Roggenwolf do in terms of the U.S. Army's Phase IV Competition"? It certainly is not in the best interest of any company whose major focus is developing effective camouflage, to miss an opportunity to garner a contract with the biggest military force in the world. Mr. Turner of Roggenwolf notified us that they still have a different Family of Patterns, that they will submit to the U.S. Army for the Phase IV Camo competition, and its currently named Tiwaz. We hope to see some photos before the end of winter on these options. 

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