Thursday, December 9, 2010

MARPAT Woodland Digital Camouflage to be Worn in Afghanistan

It seems that there is a constant stream of new camouflage options being sent to Operation Enduring Freedom Now reports are coming out that the U.S. Marines will be supplementing their Desert Digital MARPAT with the Woodland camo. This makes perfect sense as you see many forces including the U.S. and Australian Army as well as the U.S. Air Force transition into a more versatile MultiCam pattern so that they can better blend with the different environments of Afghanistan.  

As the Army adds a camouflage that better implements more browns and tans into their ACU's, the Marines are finding it necessary to add more greens to best adapt to the lush green valleys of Afghanistan that are seeing heavy combat. Both Marine Patterns (MARPAT) were available for use as seen in the photo here where you have some Marines wearing the Woodland Digital, but some have the Desert Digital on their hats. However, until this moment all troops were just wearing the Desert variant in combat while in Afghanistan. 

There is a lot of talk in the military community of a universal camouflage patterns for all troops. The move  by the U.S. Air Force Airmen to start wearing the Army Combat Uniform in OEF shows some sway towards this standardization. The different branches of the armed forces are constantly at work to find and innovate the best options possible to keep our troops safe. Of course, for any given situation you may not have the supplies necessary to fulfill your best intentions and a transition like this may be necessary. It is yet to be seen but it would not be far flung to see a whole new camo pattern come in and take over as the sought after effective option for all men in uniform.