Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marines Go Retro with Non-Digital Woodland Camo

Woodland BDU Pants
The Marines have been mixing it up lately. They just brought in the MARPAT Digital Woodland for use in Afghanistan and now it is reported by Marine Times that their Special Ops Command has purchased NATO Woodland Print. This news reached us with the added dose of "for unspecified missions". Of course the speculation can be endless, especially with headlines coming out that troops are amping up missions within Afghanistan for new offenses, as well as additional excursions into Pakistan to suppress any Taliban advances. 

A transition to "standard" Woodland may seem to some ase a step backwards considering the strides made with Digital MARPAT options. The dual Digital Woodland and Desert options offered to Marine Soldiers are seen as some of the strongest camouflage selections among troops in Operation Enduring Freedom. Many argue the dichotomy is a better choice than a catchall MultiCam used by the Army and now Air Force. However, the broader pattern may be utilized in certain long range terrain that may prove to be the preferred choice over a camouflage that incorporates a digital micro-pattern.  

Since they are purchasing NATO Woodland Pattern Uniforms, it doesn't sound like they had some surplus uniforms from the 90's laying around to outfit the missions required. Of course it is pointed out that the new uniforms also have taken into account advances in flame resistance and increased durability. It is interesting that they are purchasing the uniforms from Crye Precision, which happens to be the same manufacturer that designed the popular MultiCam Pattern. There has been great in-roads made by Crye Precision and their expertise in the industry.

I certainly can appreciate the ever changing landscape of combat in OEF, both figuratively and in some cases literally. Adaptation can prove costly in dollar terms, but it is also imperative when concealment can prove to be the ultimate necessity for protection. I just can't wait to see what is the next move, one can only guess at this point. 

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