Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aghanistan Game Changer Weapon XM25 Being Deployed

Photo by US Army
It was announced to day that the U.S. Army will start supplying our men in uniform with the XM25 Weapon's system in Afghanistan. This will most certainly put a damper on the enemies game of shoot and drop for cover. This is a high tech grenade launcher that will allow our soldiers to engage the enemy with frag bursts when hiding behind objects that would normally block the effectiveness of the explosion. 

The weapon not only reads their position and takes distance into consideration when timing the explosion, but also takes surrounding elements into effect for trajectory, much like a highly trained sniper would read their current conditions. 

You will commonly see the weapon in black, but you as you can see in the image, the ACU Universal Digital camouflage version is available to provide the proper blending with Army Uniform. I would hope to see a new MultiCam Camo version as well. The Department of Defense has it in the works to have the XM25 distributed to Army companies throughout Afghanistan. The precision and surprise of the weapon can certainly change the field of combat when enemy combatants learn that entrenchment is no longer an option. 

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