Monday, November 15, 2010

US Army Reconsiders Supply Routes for Uniforms

Commanders will start only receiving and distributing their Army Combat Uniforms by air shipment only. Government intel has been gained that insurgents have been wearing stolen ACUs from attacked convoys when launching strikes on military posts in Afghanistan. Asian News International has reported on the orders given recently to stop any ground deliveries of military clothing. 

There have been many incidents and photography to attest to the Taliban using Afghani soldier's Woodland camouflage as well as the Army's Universal Digital camouflage in attacks on our troops. Clearly this can lead to a tactical advantage for the Taliban when U.S. and ally forces wants to prevent friendly fire but at the same time protect against guerilla style attacks. 

APO shipments of uniforms including the popular Fire Resistant ACU are permitted by USPS, which are shipped much like a domestic package through the proper military channels by air transport. The Christmas USPS deadlines for parcel post to Afghanistan has passed, but your packages will still be received in time if sent by priority mail before December 4thth. 

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