Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survival Preparedness Basics: Bug Out Bag

With various forums, blogs, T.V. Shows and websites driving discussions and providing information, survival preparedness has become a hot topic in the 21st Century. Obviously basic survival practices have always been a subject to consider through the ages when being exposed to the elements or taken out of your normal routine. With all the comforts of the modern age, some of this knowledge can be lost or just not considered. New technology can make some believe it is not necessary, while others prefer to think that new innovations can help in becoming better prepared for unforeseen circumstances

We would like to provide our readers an ongoing series of aspects and basics to consider regarding common sense survival preparation. Some scenarios discussed by many "survivalists" verge on extreme paranoia while many are just considering a worst case scenario that they hope does not happen. The most common aspect considered for a life changing event relates to a proper food and water supply, however one of the top discussed subjects is the "Bug Out Bag. 

The Bug Out Bag is any pack, duffel bag, or other device used to carry basic survival supplies that can be at your immediate access, in the event that you are cut off from normal civilization, and your typical means of daily life. Typically you want a good back pack or duffle bag that is big enough to carry a short term non-perishable food supply, some bottled water, multipurpose tools, knife, fire source, and first aid. You can also include many other supplies to be considered the most essential for survival, when you are left out to the natural elements. 

The bag should be big enough to carry these essentials, but not so big that you can not carry it with you at all times. What you carry in this bag can be extended to a wide range of items including weaponry, tents, blankets, and a wide variety of items that are debatable by many in the survival community.  

Our Move Out Bag Backpack is a good example of a potential bug out bag that can carry a wide range of supplies. This can easily be stored in the trunk of a car, hidden in a closet, or any safe place with easy access. The bag features expandable compartments, so you can easily add items as you determine what is going to be best for the development of your survival supplies.

This back pack includes multiple pockets to divide up different sections for various purposes. It also features MOLLE loops which are another means of expansion by adding pouches that can carry a wide range of tools and gadgetry. This bag comes in a sleek neutral black or a for a military look, ACU Universal Digital Camouflage.

The important factor in survival preparedness is not to develop a sense of fear when considering the possibilities. The overriding factor in taking the time to consider what will best meet your needs in a situation that is out of your control. Hopefully a bug out bag is never needed, but many have the comfort in knowing that they have a back up plan just in case. 

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