Sunday, November 28, 2010

MultiCam Camouflage Clothing and Gear Featured in Vanguard's Marijuana Wars

You can really see how great the MultiCam clothing works when an elite anti-drug task force uses the camouflage pattern on its pants, shirts, boonie hats, tactical gear, and even their face paint. The agents are hunting down Mexican growers who are using the California forests to hide their illegal marijuana gardens. The camo works great in allowing the tactical team blend into the rocky and lush green landscape.

Many DEA agents have been known to utlize the newer Crye Precision MultiCam design for their tactical uniforms. They come across multiple types of terrain much like the Army soldiers who utilize the camouflage on their ACU Uniforms in Afghanistan. Arizona, Texas and California are key states bordering Mexico that have a variety of desert, wooded, and mountainous areas that require camouflage clothing to adapt to the various surroundings that police forces can encounter when pursuing drug traffickers.

You can see in the video how well the pattern hides the drug agents as they traverse the California forests. I am sure we will see more coverage of MultiCam use as it becomes more popular and is utilized by more tactical police forces. I think hunters, border patrol agencies, and other police forces who conduct operations in the outdoors can take note of how well the camouflage works and consider it for system wide use. 

As we have reported recently, many military forces such as British, U.S., and Australian Armies, as well as the United States Air Force, and Special Forces have been utilizing the camouflage in Afghanistan. The civilian popularity is also growing for air soft, paint ball and hunting clothing, so all the examples of its utilization in operational use is much appreciated. 

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