Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Military Clothing, Equipment, and Weaponry from US Shipment Seized in Nigeria

Nigerian Sailors with US Coast Guard

Photo by USCGLantAreaPA
An illegal cache of weapons, camouflaged vehicles, and military clothing was part of the haul seized by customs officials as it entered port in Nigeria after being shipped from the United States. News reports have not noted the intended use of the items that were confiscated, but did state that the importers were arrested on-site.

No implications were assessed against any American company providing the military wares that were included in the shipment ,but this was not the first time this has happened. Other military based shipments including one from Iran has been previously seized. There can be a thin line when it comes to exporting any military items to foreign countries even when it can be something as simple as military apparel that may not be intended for use in conflicted areas. 

Upcoming elections can be one cause of concern for shipments like these as well as general turmoil seen in the area. With many African countries hosting their own problems from war lords and general incursions, camouflage clothing and military supplies can be seen as a threat to peace and a red flag to potential problems when not intended for governmental usage. Why these supplies came from the US is yet to be seen, but it could have just been one more port where the items were not seen. I am sure there can be many perspectives and conspiracies may abound. 

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