Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured Product: Adventure Tech Zip Pullover

APCU Level III Pullover - $59.99 Close Out
It is beginning to feel like Christmas. Many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts  are scrambling for clothing that provides maximum warmth during high performance outdoor activities. A big heavy coat or down jacket isn't going to cut it since you don't want to end up overheating and dripping with sweat in freezing temperatures. 

Propper's Adventure Tech III level pullover provides the latest technology in performance materials. It will provide a lightweight outer layer that  conceals warms, but keeps you dry. You want a layer that is going to provide a close tight fit to hold in the body heat and proper moisture wicking to pull the sweat away as your body heats up.

Whether you are going for a brisk jog, hiking, or skiing, you do not want high winds and cool weather to effect your body core temperature. This can effect your performance and really present a miserable experience when trying to push it to the limits. I especially do not want to be dripping with sweat when the bearing down against freezing gusts. Propper's pullover is designed with a Polartec Powerstretch fabric that is extremely breathable in order to draw out perspiration while keeping body heat in through its snug fit. 

All Adventure Tech clothing line items are on close out till the New Year and are going at clearance pricing. Be sure to jump on the reduced rates while the supply lasts. Thee extreme performance apparel has been very popular at the lower rates and we expect them to sell out quick as we are giving the best price possible. 

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