Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BDU Pants: High Quality and Low Cost

Our Genuine Gear line of BDU Pants are a low cost option for those looking to purchase high quality military clothing for themselves or friends and family during the gift giving season. Propper developed this apparel brand as a means of providing the same superior manufacturing and well known top caliber military inspired fabric blends. 

These BDU pants are available with the popular ripstop weave on the 60/40 Poly/Cotton option. These are also reinforced at the knees, crotch, and seat for long lasting wear and daily performance of high intensity activities. A main difference from the standard BDU's designed by Propper is the switch to a zipper fly. The trousers also include 6 pockets with buttoned fasteners, and drawstring leg closures. 

The Battle Dress Uniform pants come in a variety of colors for multiple purposes. Hunters and Outdoorsman will appreciate the standard Woodland Camouflage, Olive, or Digital Woodland which closely matches the popular MARPAT Woodland pattern. Military style clothing is in top fashion lately and the Olive or Subdued Urban Camouflage options give a hip touch for trendy shoppers. We also offer black, LAPD navy blue, and khaki, which are great options for the public safety community or other professionals needing adept work pants. 

The BDU Pants offered reach out to a wide range of people looking for military uniform apparel. By having a low cost option  we are able to keep load out prices to a minimal and provide a product that is going to deliver on comfort, long term use, and overall customer satisfaction which is our key target.  

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