Thursday, November 18, 2010

Australian Military Expanding MultiCam Uniform Issuance

Crye Precision's  MultiCam camouflage pattern has seen vast acceptance in usage with Military uniforms over the past year. The U.S. Army has already issued MultiCAM ACUs to troops headed to Afghanistan and will continue distributing the new Army Combat Uniform to established forces through the year. We also had the United States Air Force report that they will soon start utilizing the popular camo pattern in their uniform for Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Now the Aussies have reported that a swift distribution of the MultiCam Uniform will soon take place to their soldiers stationed in Afghanistan whom operate outside the safety of forward operating bases and outposts. The Herald Sun broke the story stating that up to 1000 Australian troops will start using the new US made camouflage uniforms. As with previous trials of MultiCam the Australian special forces first tested the use of the pattern in their combat clothing. 

It is interesting to see the developing acceptance of this newer popular camouflage option and its specific use in one specific area. The various testing and subsequent approval is a fairly convincing argument for the effective use of this camo for military clothing. 

Other competitors are looking to establish a foothold through military use of their camouflage including DCS's A-TACS ACU, however it seems that Crye Precision has developed a great product whose popularity is growing in leaps and bounds. Public usage of the camouflage in BDUs and ACUs is expanding with the air soft and hunting community as well as other tactical clothing patrons in the public safety community.  

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