Friday, November 26, 2010

Air Force MultiCam Uniforms Now Worn in Afghanistan Combat Operations

FR MultiCam ACU Coat
Details have started to come out from Air Force Times that Airman working along with Army soldiers will start wearing the MultiCam Uniforms to replace their Digital Tigerstripe ABU. They will basically be wearing the Flame Resistant MultiCam ACU when operating outside FOB's and Outposts. It is also noted that they will soon implement the use of MultiCam FR ACU's for Air Force troops whom do not operate along with the U.S. Army as soon as more Uniforms become available. 

The growing popularity of the fire resistant Army Combat Uniform in MultiCam, also known as Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern or OCP for short, has put manufacturing into high gear. Suppliers are pushing to get orders filled as various forces in Afghanistan begin to adopt the newer camouflage. The TenCate Defender M Fire Resistant material on the MultiCam ACU is in high demand in OED operations as it can provide protection from I.E.D explosions. 

We had just reported on the Australian Army's decision to implement the use of MultiCam outside the wire and can hope to expect more announcements for the expanded use of this popular camo. Crye Precision developed the multiple use camouflage for the exact purposes that soldiers come across in Afghanistan. Troops can expect many types of terrain and vegetation during combat missions. Arid mountain areas can turn into lush green river valleys as one traverses the countryside. You can also run into vineyards, olive tree groves, farm fields, as well as urban environments. 

Obviously under these changing conditions this new addition of MultiCam can be considered an upgrade from the green/grey pattern of the Digital Tigerstripe Camouflage of the Airman Battle Uniform or the Universal Digital  of the standard Army ACU. I guess the next question to ponder is whose next among our allies in Afghanistan to jump on board. One can only speculate, but perhaps we could see a broad NATO MultiCam Uniform used by all allied troops. This would definitely take some time and mass production to implement such a policy.

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