Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advanced Tactical Concealment System A-TACS ACU to Be Offered by Propper in 2011

Propper has just unveiled its latest in Army Combat Uniform camouflage to be released for purchase in 2011. The largest military uniform supplier for the Department of Defense will be offering the A-TACS camouflage pattern on its new ACU line in the Spring of next year. 

Digital Concealment Systems, LLC (DCS) started offering their new camouflage pattern to many military clothing manufacturing companies at the beginning of the New Year. Their innovative pattern is promised to offer a more universal approach with its random digital pattern that does not use the typical squared pixels. The pattern was created using a more organic formula that will better blend into a natural environment. This has been a big attribute accredited to MultiCam. 

DCS also hopes to draw the attention of the Army as well as other military branches to use its A-TACS pattern in their uniforms much like Crye Precision was able to due with its MultiCam camo. In a recent press release they also noted the use of multiple colors in the digital pixeled design of the camouflage. This is a strong attribute to provide better concealment in various environments. 

Also much like the latest camouflage adopted by the U.S. Army and Air Force, A-TACS integrates tan colors, which differentiates it from the standard Universal Digital ACU utilized by most soldiers. This certainly allows it to be more effective in urban and desert like environments. 

Predator Intel, Inc. is excited with the new developments in camouflage technology. We will be attending the SHOT show to experience the new products including the A-TAC ACU by Propper first hand. Check back here for the latest in military uniforms  available. 

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