Monday, October 25, 2010

Quality Battle Dress Uniform That Costs Less

When it comes to choosing the right uniform it is important to have several different options that provide good value and quality for an apparel line. The Genuine Gear Battle Dress Uniform provides a low cost option with high quality design for those in the public safety community, as well as hunters, and Airsoft participants. 

Propper is offering this line of BDU clothing in order to offer a  more cost effective option, without altering their great formula in terms of quality fabrics, and military inspired standards in design. 

The Genuine Gear Pants and Coat are 50% lower in cost compared to the Higher End BDU alternative. They are still available with a 65/35 Poly/ Cotton Twill Blend as well as a 60/40 Blend with Ripstop. A variety of colors are offered including Black, Khaki, Navy Blue, and Olive. You also have a choice of popular camouflage patterns including Standard or Digital Woodland, and Subdued Urban Digital. 

The pants do have a zipper fly rather than the button option found with higher end battle dress uniform clothing. The pants feature six pockets, adjustable waist tabs, drawstring leg hole closures, and felled seams. The Genuine Gear BDU Pants also include additional reinforcement at the knees and rear for added support to avoid ripping. The Genuine Gear BDU Coats feature 4 pockets and provide a great military style fit. 

By streamlining costs, and maximizing the available resources and manufacturing available, we are proud to offer an affordable alternative to the high end battle dress uniform. The workmanship and authentic design of this tactical clothing makes it a perfect choice for those looking to cut costs, when finding military apparel that works for their budget. 

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