Friday, October 15, 2010

MultiCam US Army Soldier Action Figure

It didn't take long for the toy manufacturers to release a US Army Soldier action figure in MultiCam Camouflage ACU Uniform and Gear. They even like to point out that this is an Army Soldier in Afghanistan to bring home the point that only soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom are utilizing the new ACU camouflage patterns.

As with any good action figure there are multiple add ons to fully outfit your little soldier. The mini troop includes 3 different types of weaponry with hints of MultiCam on the scope of the rifle, as well as MultiCam ammo belts, vest, and multiple pouches. There is definitely a lot of attention paid to the details including the MultiCam Combat Shirt, ACU Pants, protective and night vision goggles, helmet, grenades, communications radio, gloves, face max, med-kit, and American Flag Patch. Can't vouch for quality, but quite the artistry! Brings a new meaning to a toy soldier.

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