Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MARPAT Desert Digital Camouflage ACU Review

ACU Desert Digital Coat
The Marines Desert Digital Pattern  is an effective camouflage for desert combat. Over time different desert camouflage patterns have evolved to more effectively blend in with a desert environment. The ACU Desert Digital Uniforms that we offer are based on the Marines Marpat pattern. This military clothing utilizes the efficient properties offered in providing a suitable camouflage clothing option, when operating in desert terrain. 

Whether, you are a hunter, airsoft participant, or have some clandestine operations scheduled, it is imperative to have effective camouflage uniform when you are located in a desert landscape. Due to more sparse vegetation and greater visibility, you must better blend in with the surrounding environment to cloak your movement. 

When hunting in the desert you can less effectively utilize a blind or the surrounding brush to hide. It may also be the case that your game animal can have an amazing natural camouflage, proving it difficult to see them before they see you. 

ACU Desert Digital Pants
Perhaps you like to just hollow out a tumble weed for a makeshift ghillie suit. While this could make a great halloween costume, I think you will find the ACU Coat and Pants to be a much more comfortable solution for your desert apparel while you hide in wait. 

Our Desert Digital ACU is designed from a 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend with a Ripstop weave. This combination of material provides for a highly durable fabric with enough breathability to provide comfort in a hot and arid region. 

Residents of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. can attest that when the temperatures spike, sweating can effect your functioning, so it is imperative that you have clothing that can breathe. The desert also has very rugged vegetation with thorns and prickers, so it is of the utmost importance to have a material that is not going to easily tear.

The Desert Digital ACU coat features a mandarin collar which can be of great use as desert temperatures fall towards dusk. The coat as well as the pants are treated with a Dupont Teflon coating to provide resistance against rain and staining. The ACU pants include a button fly with drawstring as well as ties at the leg cuffs to provide for an overall customized tight fit. Both Coat and Pants include tilted pockets to ensure that you maintain your gear through higher performance activities.

Military ACU uniforms provide effective clothing options for a multitude of activities. The Marine inspired Desert Digital camouflage pattern can be of great use in any desert endeavor. 

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