Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hunting with MultiCam Army Combat Uniform

Designer hunting camouflage clothing such as Mossy Oak and Realtree are big names in the hunting industry. Its popularity and wide availability has drawn in many hunters each year. This can be a big barrier for hunters considering MultiCam clothing as their camouflage of choice. 

Many hunters may have not considered utilizing Military Camouflage Clothing while hunting given  what they have used in the past.  However, by seeing the clear advantages many may soon reconsider. With the adoption of MultiCam Uniforms by the U.S. Army and most recently the U.S. Air Force, the popularity in this camouflage pattern is growing. 

It is clear to see how the MultiCam pattern can provide a means of blending in to multiple hunting environments. The diverse pattern will allow for hunters to have one set of camouflage hunting clothes to utilize in a variety of terrains around the country. One of our recent customers for foresaw the advantage of the fairly new MultiCam pattern and purchased our ACU MultiCam Coat, Pants, and Boonie Cap.

MultiCam Clothing Hunting Review

As seen in the photo here, Mr. Ross was successful in utilizing the ACU Multicam Uniform along with his hunting prowess to connect with a deer at the start of Pennsylvania archery season. Upon review of his experience hunting with MultiCam clothing he noted the following:

"It works perfectly. I have had deer within just a few yards that were oblivious. I haven had another hunter approach my location on opening morning and get within 20 feet of me, before I had to cough to get his attention. With a Western Pennsylvania hunt, generally the terrain is hardwoods such as cherry, oak, maple, etc. There is thick under brush in most areas as well. But, there are also large open fields (some planted with corn) as well as pine stands. So, you can easily go from one area where a more green camo is needed to one of which something more brown is necessary, or even yellowish brown on cornfields. Obviously, the changing seasons don't help things either. I used to use 3 different "designer" camo patterns to hide depending on where I was going hunting. (Realtree AP, Mossy Oak New Break-Up, and Advantage) No longer the case!

I also wore the (MultiCam) camo doing field training for PA Game Commission Bowhunter Education classes this past summer and received several comments about how well the pattern breaks up the human outline even at distances. Most "commercial" hunting camouflage tends to turn into a solid "black blog" at a distance, due to having too cluttered of a design. MultiCam just seems to color shift depending on where I am standing. It's green when it needs to be and brown when it needs to be. It is almost like magic."

Military Clothing Camouflage

The creators of MultiCam, Crye Precision, developed the pattern with a great impetus for military use in environments that vary as you cross the landscape. Afghanistan is a perfect example of a country with multiple zones of varied foliage, urban backdrops, green valleys, and rocky brown mountains. The jury is still out as to if it has proven a major factor in protecting our troops by allowing them to blend in to their surroundings more effectively. However, with quick comparisons in photos of soldiers wearing the MultiCam in Afghanistan, it is hard to argue that it will not prove a much better choice than the previous Army Universal Digital utilized in the Army Combat Uniform. 

Soldiers were just recently deployed in August with the ACU MultiCam Uniforms and we should have more reports soon concerning the effects of its positive attributes. The military goes to great lengths and testing in determining what camouflage to utilize for its soldiers. They take many factors into consideration and the key factor with Afghanistan was the difficulty of having one Uniform that worked well as you traveled to different regions of the country. Hunters can find themselves in this same predicament, especially in large states. 

Hunting enthusiasts are known to take advantage of all hunting seasons. As the greens turn to browns, you want a camouflage that will hold up in either condition. The same holds true when you may be moving from a wooded area to flat plains, or arid deserts. Mountainous areas can also bring in more dark colors. MultiCam is versatile as it blends two distinct shades of brown, two shades of green, grays, blacks, and tans. Each color flows into the next which provides further blending. 

Hunters will find a way to hunt no matter what apparel is out there for their choosing. A key factor in choosing your camouflage clothing is something that works for your environment. MultiCam camouflage extends the ability to hunt in various environments and not have to have several sets of hunting clothes. We hope more of our customers recognize the value and have the ability to game hunt effectively with our Military Clothing, just like Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross is a contributing writer for and has a project in the works to compare multiple camouflage choices for hunting including the MultiCam pattern. We will keep you updated with his findings as his project is completed. 


  1. I live in UT where the terrain is very varried (lol) and it works great!
    (I got the proper ACU cut and it's great(VTArmynavy was where it was cheapest (no I don't work for them)))

  2. I live in WA and ex-military and have not fallen into the trap of you need "real tree" or what ever the flavor of the year is and have worn my old gear for hunting and has worked just fine. I do have some Multicam pants from blackhawk and have found them to be very compfortable.