Saturday, September 25, 2010

U.S. Army Reserve Soldier in the NFL

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Pat Tillman has been in the headlines lately for the new movie about his life and the events of his unfortunate death. Obviously this man was a hero for his sacrifice in giving up a multi-million dollar Football career with the Arizona Cardinals. I personally had the opportunity to meet him when he played with the ASU Sun Devils. I was on a high school football team, and he was definitely a larger than life who stood out from the rest, even back then.

Professional Sports stars that fight for their country are no greater than other troops who put their lives on the line. They stand out for what they give up, which does give a certain amount of prestige. They do what they feel is right despite the opportunities that are apparent. Many soldiers leave families at home and go away to a foreign place for months to years. This alone is courageous, not to mention threat of death or injury.

The Detroit News had a great report on Caleb Campbell who is an active member of the U.S. Army Reserve and was drafted by the NFL's Lions. He is currently on the practice squad after graduating from West Point. He maintained his reserve status to the U.S. Army despite the ability to forgo this commitment.

All US Soldiers should get their due respect regardless of their status in civilian life. However,the great athletes of our time such as Ted Williams, Joe Louis, Pat Tillman, and many others should be looked to as stalwarts of the men in uniform. They are great examples of all who sacrifice their lives in many ways, so that we can go on with ours with many freedoms.

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