Friday, September 17, 2010

Comparing the Best Camouflage Patterns

MultiCam Soft Shell Jacket
When it comes to choosing the camouflage pattern for hunting, airsoft, or any event where you want to best blend in with your surroundings, it is important to consider the environment. There are now over 100 choices of camouflage for any particular scenario. The problem is, you do not want to have  multiple uniforms laying around. This can be very costly and if you have a wife, may get you thrown out of the house.

Crye Precision took this problem head on when they developed the Multicam pattern as they wanted people to be able to buy one product that would allow them to be camouflaged in multiple locations. This gained a lot of momentum with the war in Afghanistan as troops needed free movement around a massive where you must blend into a variety of landscapes.

As you journey across the terrain, you can run into rugged mountains, lush valleys, and sandy deserts. This can present quite a problem when your uniform is simply made up of green and grey as seen in the ACU Army Universal Digital. Necessity is the mother of invention, and by having one camouflage pattern you can move freely, unnoticed in multiple geographic zones with a variety of colors. Multicam has provided a solution for the US Army and has also now been adopted by the US Airforce.

This popularity has flooded over with military buffs as well as hunters and airsoft players who see the advantage of a one pattern fits all uniform. You can now find gear and guns in Multicam to complement your apparel as it can be pointless to have the right camouflage but have a black Molle pack to give your position away. This recent video provided here by Anam Paiseanta shows the advantages of MultiCam in one setting with a variety of colors compared to ACU, and some popular hunting patterns that you find in stores.

It is important to point out that MultiCam is not always going to be the best camouflage for any scenario. However, it is going to be the most versatile in blending with multiple backgrounds, so that you have a catch all when your  different locations can present you with a variety of color combinations in which to hide your position.  

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