Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Featured Product: MultiCam FR Combat Shirt

One of our top selling items this month at is the Fire Resistant (FR) Combat Shirt in MultiCam. It is probably one of the most recognized MultiCam Clothing items due its distinct camouflaged sleeves and non-camo torso. This shirt helps to provide a lighter base while wearing additional heavy gear. Obviously with a full load out of MultiCam gear including harnesses, body armor, and Molle Carrier you will cover the areas that are not camouflaged.

The highlight of the Combat Shirt is its patented Defender M Fire Resistant fabric by TenCate. Defender M is the top FR fabric for the Marines and Army and is utilized in manufacturing this MultiCam Shirt to meet USMC Specifications. The fabric will not only put itself out if on fire, but will not melt. The shirt also incorporates X-Static Fiber in the torso area which has anti-microbial properties and neutralizes body odor. 

As you can see this Combat Shirt was designed for performance in extreme inhospitable conditions. It also protects the person wearing it in many facets. TenCate has noted data from the Armed forces that injuries from IED explosives have been reduced after the introduction of Defender M fabrics.

CNN Excerpt on the Importance of Providing the Best Fire Resistant Material

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