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Friday, April 18, 2014

Vertx Offering Every Day Casual Pant

The New Vertx ED Casual Pant is based on their best selling Original tactical pant and features the same durable Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric. The key differential is the sans cargo pocket design offering a more discrete appearance when you are not in the field or off the range. The Every Day Casual pant is a great option when on business and features a stretch waistband, gusseted crotch, as well as a concealed pocket for overall comfort and utility. The pant is now available in limited quantities in Khaki or Desert Tan. You can pick them up now at while supplies last. Free shipping for all orders over $95.

Vertx ED Casual Pant

UR Tactical Expands Camo with MultiCam Family

In a market inundated with a wide variety of a camouflage patterns, we haven't seen a massive push for the new MultiCam Patterns yet. Of course that may be a whole different story if the Army would give some final indication of the patterns in which they will be moving forward. Other than MultiCam Black we first saw Tru-Spec showing off one of their TRU Response Uniform Shirt in the Tropic variant at SHOT Show. Now they no longer have an exclusive for the LE focused MultiCam Black NYCO Fabric, so all four patterns are fair game. UR Tactical has introduced MultiCam Tropic and MultiCam Black to their lineup and are showing off their Gen 2 OPS Improved Direct Action Shirt in the patterns.

OPS Gen 2 Improved Direct Action Shirt in MultiCam Tropic
We must say that UR Tactical is becoming the most prolific in offering the latest in gucciflage for military clothing with an assortment of A-TACS, Kryptek, and now the MultiCam family of patterns. Of course they also have others on board including Woodland, AOR 1, and AOR 2.  We can appreciate options. Keep an eye out for the new MultiCam options at

OPS Gen 2 Improved Direct Action Shirt in MultiCam Tropic

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Korengal: This is What War Feels Like

Restrepo was a great documentary covering the daily lives of soldiers in 2nd Platoon, B Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry at FOB Restrepo in the Korengal Valley during Operation Enduring Freedom. Sebastian Junger and Tim Heatherington were embedded with the soldiers, which allowed them to get a close up account of a complete deployment. If you haven't seen it, the movie is well worth your time providing a modern war documentary without superfluous editing at face value. There was certainly more to the story than what one movie could cover for a 15 month deployment.

Sebastian Junger is now moving forward with a release on a follow up film called Korengal. Tim Heatherington was killed in Libya by a mortar attack while covering the Civil War. Junger has launched a Kickstarter campaign this week in order to independently promote and release Korengal in theatres. They are already half way to their goal and we are excited to see the film. If you have a few bucks to spare, they are offering up some great items in exchange, so it is certainly not just a handout. The Producer and Director, Sebastian Junger discusses the aim of the film in the video below. You can see full details and pledge your support to help with the theatrical release at

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Windham Weaponry Back to the Basics

Some folks want originality in the design of their rifle and a lot of times that means going back in time to pickup up on features are less common with the wide variety of modern parts available. Windham Weaponry has now rolled out their Government Rifle based on original AR-15 models. Clearly they are not going all the way back with all aspects, but you can see where they are going starting out with a 20" Government A2 Profile Barrel and coming in at 7.7 pounds. Perhaps there is some market focus on those ares where a fixed stock reigns things in when it comes to local laws, but we can see the demand for nostalgia sake with a fresh new quality rifle right out of the case and ready to go. 

Windham Weaponry Government Rifle 20"

Mil Sistemika PES Common Operational Picture Preview

We have received a look into the Common Operational Picture offered by Mil Sistemika's new PES (Personal Eye System). The interactive vantage point is quite intriguing. The replay shown below was completed during Beta Testing at Slovenia's Army proving grounds. There were 150 people on hand utilizing the PES as a C4I system and EXCON. The Common Operational Picture data was exported into an after action report and made available with the Youtube video shown below. An updated version of the App will be available to the public featuring tactical chat, formatted messages, reports, and orders. The new PES app, will soon be available for Android platforms at

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New U.S. Army IFAK II

The U.S. Army has announced that they are now issuing their new Individual First Aid Kit. It appears to be a slimmed down version of previous iteration presented by Natick. The new IFAK II will have all of the same kit as the original with the addition of a second tourniquet, Tactical Combat Casualty Card, marker, eye shield, chest seal, and strap cutter. The new IFAK pouch is designed to be mounted at the rear of the IOTV with a separate foldable kit inside that can easily be removed for quick use when needed yet remain tethered to its pouch. Tourniquet pouches can be mounted to the PALS outside of the pouch. It will also feature loop patches to attach any identification. Initial versions have been issued to soldiers in Afghanistan hence the MultiCam pattern. Read the full report on the new IFAK II at


Dubai Police Pick Up HyperStealth DECEPTEX Patterns

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai Police – General Department of Protective Security – VIP Section has taken delivery of new Hyperstealth Camouflage Uniforms in three different patterns. Working with DROO TACTICAL TRADING LLC (, the Dubai Police selected three different patterns from the Hyperstealth Deceptex line for Desert (Beer-15), Urban (Yoke-16) and Snow (Tare-12) - they do have a requirement to travel to locations with snow. Due to the security requirements, these three patterns will no longer be available on the Hyperstealth Deceptex site and will only be available to the Dubai Police.

Deceptex BEER-15
Deceptex TARE-12
Deceptex YOKE-16

Nitecore EAX Hammer Flashlight

WE got word that one of Nitcore's latest high-lumen handheld flashlights will be shipping out this week. The new EAX Hammer pumps out 2000 Lumens and runs on just 8 AA Batteries. The flashlight has dual CREE  XM-L2 LEDs with 5 brightness modes plus S.O.S., Beacon Location, and Strobe. You can expect to see it on the shelf for somewhere around $150. We can see this being a great durable light with big output reaching over a quarter-mile. 

Nitecore EAX Hammer 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Naroh Arms KeyMod Accessories

KeyMod was introduced as an open source design, so it really provides a broad attachment system for various manufacturers to expound on with the various types of accessories that one may need in conjunction with a handguard utilizing its modular structure. Naroh Arms at first glance looks like one out of nowhere up and comer that is offering various options for KeyMod Accessories including rail segments, QD Swivel mounts, barrier stop and quite an interesting hand stop, which you can see below. Check out their full range of products, which one can assume will expand soon at 

Naroh Arms KeyMod Hand Stop