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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tactical Life Demos Ruger AR-556

We were excited to see Ruger introduce an entry level direct impingement AR-15 Rifle one month ago today. Tactical Life has released the video below showing some hands on drills with the Ruger AR-556 and focus in on some of the key features that you won't normally find in a factory rifle at this price point of well under $800 once it makes its way to retail. Ruger is certainly churning out the goods in masses, so we are excited to see what they come up with next in all realms of firearms. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gibborim Gun Belt with Raptor Buckle

The GIBBORIM Gun Belt is a polished spin on the everyday carry (EDC) gun belt. The stiff Nylon core, wrapped in your choice of several different CORDURA® colors, gives the gun belt stiff support, a refined finish, and that exceptional "Hand-made in America" quality.

Gibborim Gun Belt
The GIBBORIM EDC belt, designed and created by LIION DEFENSE™ and Mission Spec, incorporates the stiffness of a good everyday carry belt and the fit and finish made for the modern world. With the three buckle options and three color options, that are currently available, this high-end belt will meet your unique needs.  (More color/camo options coming SOON: Ranger Green, Digital, MultiCam, Kryptek, Red, and MORE)


  • Stiff Nylon core wrapped in 1000D (Denier) CORDURA®
  • Rigid construction for carry weapon support
  • Buckle options of: RAPTOR™, ITW G-Hook, or ITW GTSR Polymer
  • All popular sizes (We use real-waist measurements when ordering to insure supreme quality and customer satisfaction)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hand-made in America

“The RAPTOR™ is the first quick release buckle made in the USA with a patent pending locking mechanism. They are finished with a special 2 layer process involving Hard Anodizing and Electrostatic Powder Coating to withstand everyday use and abuse in the field. This process also gives the RAPTOR™ a non-reflective matte finish. The RAPTOR™ has been 3rd party tested for exposure to salt water, salt spray, and sand." -JBC CORP

"Gibborim" is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “mightiest”; it also has been used to refer to soldiers, lions, hunters, and leaders.  In the Bible, David’s “Mighty Men” were known to be courageous men of valor and perform powerful feats of war.  This belt is designed to securely support your everyday carry weapon; a tool you will use to defend what matters most.  We are called to be brave and courageous "Men of Valor", to be GIBBORIM.

Ordering is now available at

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Aimpoint Micro Mount and Slim Rails from Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense, engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems and accessories, today announced new product releases: SLiM Rail™ 12.0 and Aimpoint® Micro Mount (Absolute Co-Witness).

Daniel Defense SLiM Rail 12"
The SLiM Rail™, which first debuted on the DDM4v11 in a 15-inch version, is now available as a rifle length, 12-inch option.  “We’re fired up about our customers having access to this new rail system,” noted Daniel Defense Director of Marketing, Jordan Hunter.  The Daniel Defense SLiM Rail™ features the KeyMod attachment system, which offers incredible weight savings as well as superior cooling, ergonomics, and modularity while maintaining the strength and durability expected from a Daniel Defense free-float rail system.  “The feedback we received after launching this railed forend, our first featuring KeyMod, confirmed we hit the mark and met user expectations.”  While 
the initial release only made this rail system available on the V11 series rifles, both lengths will now be offered individually to dealers and customers. 

Daniel Defense SLiM Rail 15"
Daniel Defense is also releasing an upgrade to their popular Aimpoint® Micro Mount.  “In the early years, we earned the reputation of being a rails & accessories company,” said Marty Daniel, the company’s President and CEO.  “It remains a core element of our business, and this upgrade to the Aimpoint® mount demonstrates our ability to take a proven product and elevate it to the next level.” The next generation mount gives operators the option of an absolute or lower 1/3rd co-witness.

Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount

Monday, October 27, 2014

Midwest Industries M-LOK Bottle Opener

We are seeing M-LOK compatible accessories to start working their way out of manufacturing and Midwest Industries recognizes the need of the common man. Clearly we take a rail mounted bottle opener with tongue firmly planted in cheek and the added attachment point certainly shows the duality of this product. Of course we are sure someone will get hopped up on self righteous indignation and Midwest Industries is certainly their to fulfill their daily fix.  

Helikon-Tex PenCott GreenZone Mohave Boots

We are seeing a lot of use of the Hyde Definition PenCott Camo patterns with military clothing manufactured by Helikon-Tex. Here is a look at their Mohave Boot with PenCott GreenZone accents that are now shipping out to dealers. 

Inteliscope Kitten Slayer

We are sure PETA will take umbrage with this video, but we can see the combination of factors here taking it to the top of the charts on a mere combination of tacticoolness and pure kitten power. This is the penultimate of social media toppers. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Polish Scientists Developing Chameleon Tank Camo

The Polish Military is no stranger to great camouflage and Reuters has now released that Polish scientists are utilizing modern technology to create an adaptable camouflage that adjusts to its surroundings. The video below gives the full scoop, but the basic gist is the use of electrochromic plates that can change colors to blend in with the given environment. One of the most intriguing aspect is the ability to integrate the same technology into clothing and beyond. We have seen many allude to the capability of a "Predator" style camouflage as well as the purported capability to bend light, so that a given object can be concealed from view. We are excited to see actual applications and their ability for concealment to be clearly demonstrated albeit in its infancy, however we would like to think that what we are actually seeing is just the tip of the iceberg for what is actually already available. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Windham Weaponry Introduces New .308 Models

Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM .308 Rifle

At SHOT Show 2014 Windham Weaponry introduced a new lightweight .308 caliber rifle based on their original SRC model. Now they have released three new models, including a wood grain furniture Hunter, Timbertec Camo SRC and the R18FSFSM .308 featuring a Magpul MOE Fixed Buttstock and a Midwest K-Series KeyMod 15" Free Float Handguard for a completely modern take on a .308 rifle platform.

Windham Weaponry Hunter .308 Rifle

Windham Weaponry .308 rifles range from $1,413 to $1,732, so expect some great pricing at retail for these upgraded rifles. You can view all models at

Friday, October 24, 2014

Micro Kit and Micro Medic

Building on the great success of the Mini Kit MK-7, 20DollarBandit has expanded further with a more minimalist approach bringing the Micro Medic and Micro Kit for Everyday Carry. The Micro Kit, a scale model of the Mini Kit MK-7 pouch, was created to carry the bare minimum EDC items when cargo or BDU pants are not an option. The Micro Kit is sized to fit a standard "Blue Jean" back pocket and has ample space for quite a bit of gear and kit. The Micro Kit is constructed of 1000D Balystic Nylon and has a 3" x 4" loop field panel to show off your favorite morale patch. The quick access clam shell opening Micro Kit pouch will fit either a Samsung Galaxy 5 or an iPhone 4, 5 or 6 in the clear pocket side and allows for manipulation of the phone while it is protected within the pouch. 

The modular concept of use applies here, keep one stocked for each POU e.g. wallet, micro SERE, EDC kit. The MICRO KIT will easily hold, micro multi-tools, knives, pens, phones, cash, credit cards, ID's, micro First Aid kits, the Tops Turley 23, chapstick, the Vigilant Gear Micro SERE kit, most of the Gear Ward kit and anything else that is small and easy to loose.

This kit was very proudly MADE IN THE USA by HONORPOINT USA a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business located in San Diego, CA. This "Early Bird" run will be less expensive and will deliver first so JUMP on it. All Micro Kits in this run will be BLACK 1000D Nylon, expected production time is 3-4 weeks.

Dimensions: 6" H x 4" W x .5" - 2" D (depending on load out)
Material: 1000 Denier Balistic Nylon
Weight: 1.6 oz

The Micro Medic, Inspired by Mors Kochanski, was created to carry the bare minimum First Aid supplies with you on an every day basis. The Kit is so small it will fit in any pocket, front, back, shirt and certainly cargo giving you absolutely no excuse not to have first aid capabilities on your person at all times. The Micro Medic also fits perfectly into the Micro Kit back pocket or clear "High Vis" pocket. The kit comes standard in the LOKSAK waterproof bag just like it's big Brother the Mini Medic.

The contents of the kit are as follows:
(1) 3M Steri Strip (modern day butterfly bandage)
(1) 3-0 Nylon Suture Kit
(1) CELOX Homeostatic Agent (2g)
(4) Single use eye drops (refresh plus)
(1) Ampule Iodine
(1) Burn Jel (External Anelgesic)
(1) Hydro Cortisone Cream
(2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment
(4) Sterile Alcohol Prep Pad
(1) Splinter Out Lancet
(2) 1" Sterile gauze pads
(1) Moleskin (Kidney shape)
(4) Knuckle Bandages

Expected production time is 3-4 weeks 
Dimensions: 4.5" x 6" inches 
Material: Patented 6 millimeter film polymer
Weight: 1.6 oz

Both the Micro Medic and Mini Kit are available at