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Monday, September 22, 2014

Daniel Defense Expands Offering of Mil Spec+ and Tornado Gray Finishes

The new Daniel Defense MK12 will now be available in the Tornado Gray finish and will also feature a bead blasted stainless steel barrel with a chemically passivated finish. Daniel Defense, Director of Marketing, Jordan Hunter notes, 
"We’ve invested a lot of man hours and capital toward development of the MK12. The New Tornado finish and bead blasted, stainless steel barrel provide this precision firearm with a new appeal.”
Daniel Defense MK12 with Tornado Gray Finish
Daniel Defense has has also announced that the DDM4vll with its SLiM Rail KeyMod handguard will also be available in the Tornado and Mil Spec+ finishes. View full details and specs on each rifle at

DDM4V11 with Mil Spec+ Finish

New Australian Multi-Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) Released

Australia Multi-Camouflage Uniform 
In April of this year we touched rumors that the Australian Defence Department developing a new version of the Australian MultiCam Pattern Uniform (AMP) by integrating the color palette from the DPCU pattern. This was an interesting development as they had developed the AMP specifically for Afghanistan utilizing the MultiCam colors, but integrating pattern elements of the "hearts and bunnies" from their DPCU pattern.

The Australian Army determined they needed a combat uniform that could be utilized in multiple environments for all types of land operations, field training, and daily wear. Lessons learned from combat and elements of the original DPCU provided them with a basis for the new AMCU design. It is noted that the Australian Multi-Camouflage Pattern was developed by a Defence Science Technology Organization. It was tested in multiple terrains including jungle, grassland, and scrub land, which it proved to provide optimal concealment compared to other patterns during the day and evening. 

Australia Multi-Camouflage Uniform (AMCU)
With the draw down from Afghanistan, it leaves them with plenty of AMP uniforms, which they will stop using. The new AMCU will also replace the DPCU and DPDU (Disruptive Desert Pattern Uniform). In the photo above you can see the original DPCU pattern on the helmet cover with the new AMCU pattern present on the uniform. Clearly, there is much more contrast in the new pattern with quite a bit more green and some differences with the color comparison. The bunnies not nearly as prominent as with DPCU. 

New AMCU Uniform at Austrlia's Army Infantry Military Skills Competition
The AMCU uniforms will be manufactured by Australian companies and will be available to the Army starting in October. It is anticipated to cost more than the DPCU due to increased manufacturing time required. The added cost is considered a viable alternative due to the ability to conceal in multiple environments and provide solders with added protection. Assistant Minister of Defence, Stuart Robert notes, 
“Defence is pleased to partner with Australian companies to manufacture the AMCU. I am confident the manufacturing of the AMCU in Australia not only supports local business, but also maintains high standards and keeps pace with current technology. At the moment there are two manufacturers for the AMCU – Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) and Pacific Brands Workwear Group (PBWG).”
The AMCU will have field and combat variations including a Combat Shirt and Pant as well as Field Shirt and Pant. The Townsville’s 3rd Brigade will be receiving the uniforms first. Combat Troops will receive two sets of the Combat AMCU and three sets of the Field AMCU. All other soldiers will receive the same number of field sets only as well as an AMCU Bush Hat, belt, rank slides, and name tapes. 
AMCU in the Field
The Combat Uniform portion was developed for use with body armor, with joint protection, and stretch fabric in key areas of expansion when on the move. The Field Uniform portion also integrates knee pads and has much fewer pockets for a lighter and cooler design with stretch fabric in the crotch and lower back. We have included all features of each below.
AMCU Combat Shirt:
  • High collar in woven fabric with zip closure.
  • Knit fabric body with no pockets to allow for comfort under body armor.
  • Integrated elbow pad.
  • Woven fabric raglan sleeves.
  • Angled sleeve pockets with Velcro closure.
  • Velcro adjustment tabs at cuffs.
  • Pen pocket on left sleeve.

AMCU Combat Pant:
  • Stretch woven fabric in back yoke (below waistband), crotch and around knee.
  • Adjustable waist with advanced design.
  • Padded waistband.
  • Button and zip front fly closure.
  • Reinforced saddle seat.
  • Integrated knee pad.
  • Knee pad is snugly held in correct location using elasticised cord adjustment(connects to front thigh pockets) and Velcro closure tabs at the side of the knee.
  • 2 side thigh pockets with zip closure.
  • 2 lower front thigh pockets (external – contains toggle and elasticised draw cord for knee pad adjustment) with Velcro closure.
  • 2 front pockets below waistband (internal).
  • 2 lower leg pockets with Velcro closure.
  • Cord and cord lock adjustment at cuffs

Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison States, 
“Improvements to the design of the uniform will enhance a soldier’s survivability and mobility and efficiently support a soldier’s workload while still being functional in a variety of terrains and operating environments. For the first time, Army will introduce two separate uniforms. Both the AMCU field and combat variations use a tested Australian Multi-Camouflage Pattern that will take our soldiers from the bush, to the desert and into the jungle."

Australia Multi-Camouflage Uniform
AMCU Field Shirt: 
  • Based on the current DPCU shirt.
  • Near infrared (NIR) fabric.
  • 5 button closure at the centre front.
  • Chest pockets with zip closure.
  • Sleeve pockets with button closure.
  • Shorter coat length than current shirt.
  • Velcro adjustment tabs at cuffs.
  • Rank slide at chest
  • Increased width at coat hem compared to current shirt.
  • Graded sleeve length.

AMCU Field Pant: 
  • Stretch woven fabric in back yoke (below waistband) and crotch.
  • Button and zip front fly closure.
  • Adjustable waist with advanced design.
  • Padded waistband.
  • Integrated knee pad with Velcro closure tab.
  • 2 side thigh pockets with zip closure.
  • 2 front pockets below waistband (internal).
  • Cord and cord lock adjustment at cuffs.

2014 Duke of Gloucester Cup- Australian Army Infantry Military Skills Competition
All Photos are under Copyright: Commonwealth of Australia

Sunday, September 21, 2014

MultiCam Arid Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants at the Range

The official MultiCam website presented this great photo of competitive shooter Travis Gibson donning some of their own G3 Combat pants in the new MultiCam Arid pattern. He is a Team MultiCam member and was competing at the Surefire Precision Rifle match. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Huskey Slider Sling Gets a Shotgun Facelift

We like when products need very little explanation as you know they will be easy to use, especially if you already have a prior model. There are a lot of great products coming up from Ares Armor and this is definitely one you will want check out. Ares Armor has modified their popular two-point Huskey Amentum Slider Sling for added utility when strapped to a shotgun. The new Huskey Shotgun Sling features 21 elastic loops to strap on spare shells. The Amentum Slider allows for easy shooting position transitions and quick target acquisition. The Huskey MK1 Shotgun Sling is available in A-TACS AU and FG, MultiCam, Coyote, Black, OD Green, as well as Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake, and Typhon. 

Huskey MK1 Shotgun Sling

Friday, September 19, 2014

SABER "SX" Short Action Receiver

Ashbury Precision Ordnance is making great strides in the innovation of high quality bolt action rifles. Their latest release is the SABER SX Short Action Receiver, which is their first octagonal bolt action receiver. The receiver can be utilized in conjunction with their SABER-FORSST Modular Rifle Chassis System with the need for further modification. We have provided their full press release below giving the full skinny on their new receiver.

Saber SX Short Action Receiver
Ruckersville, VA. - Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing introduces the new SABER® SX bolt action receiver, a newly engineered manufacturing collaboration with Stiller Precision Firearms.  This production short action receiver is precision crafted from 416R stainless steel and takes advantage of unique octagonal geometry to increase rigidity, reduce vibration and increase strength with a larger body diameter. The SX and other new SABER bolt action receivers are purpose built to maximize surface contact with Ashbury's newest interlocking SABER®-FORSST® Modular Rifle Chassis Systems (MRCS) requiring absolutely no bedding, yet can also be bedded in traditional rifle stocks.
The SABER SX receiver is manufactured with .384" (.223Rem/.300BLK), .480" (.308) and .540" (WSM/SAUM) bolt faces, in both right and left hand configurations.  APO's Custom Shop will be offering actions and other custom calibers on the SX for varmint, big game hunting, and competition shooting.

The SX receivers precise OD to ID concentricity is less than 0.0002 inches and is perpendicular to the true centerline of the bore with perfectly flat mounting surfaces.  The SX bolt face, lugs, internal lug abutments, barrel tenon and receiver face are all also precision CNC machined perpendicular to the center line of the bore.  The receiver bolt raceway is wire EDM cut for smooth bolt operation and consistent shot-to-shot rifle accuracy.  The SX receiver features dual recoil pins that center mount a removable MIL-STD 1913 20 MOA one-piece Picatinny monolithic or short receiver rail using aviation grade #8-40 anti-vibration fasteners.
The strong one piece fluted bolt is made from 4140 tool steel, employs a two lug design, plunger type ejector, strong reliable claw type extractor and sculpted aerospace grade aluminum bolt shroud.  The SX further incorporates a side roll pin mounted bolt release, tang relief cut for a thumb lever safety and a spacious ejection port allows positive extraction of long loaded, unfired short magnum cartridges.

SX receivers can use popular single and two stage M700 style triggers pinned directly into the precision cut trigger slot.  The SX is engineered to accommodate both the double stack single feed (DSSF) and double stack double feed (DSDF) magazines, while maximizing lower receiver strength.
The SABER SX bolt action receiver weighs in at 28.8 ozs with the receiver scope rail and is finished with a black oxide coating.  The bolt is nitrided to provide years of smooth operation and final finishes on APO rifles use Cerakote Micro Slick.
"SABER bolt action receivers represent higher quality at a lower cost and are an integral part of our spiral development engineering plan for APO precision rifles," said Gary Vance, Ashbury's Manager of Engineering Services.  "SX receivers begin the next generation of high performance precision rifles and launch APO's new SABER Precision Rifle (SPR) product line."
For more information on the family of SABER bolt action receivers, SABER-FORSST Modular Rifle Chassis Systems, and APO's complete line of precision long range rifles and shooting support equipment, please visit the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg website, contact our customer service department or shop the APO online store, The Armory.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inteliscope Offering FLIR ONE with InteliscopePro

FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for the iPhone was introduced prior to SHOT Show 2014 with much fanfare. At the same time the InteliscopePro was introduced as a universal smartphone mount for any firearm with Picatinny Rail. Inteliscope has announced that they are now an authorized reseller for FLIR ONE and will be combining the two technologies for an all in one solution to have a thermal imaging camera mounted to your firearm via your iPhone 5 or 5s and specified iOS apps.

The above image gives some idea as to the capability of the InteliscopePRO utilized in conjunction with FLIR ONE. The video gives a quick view of the Inteliscope mount and App in action, which with a little imagination can give you somewhat of a concept as to how the combined products can be utilized. We also received word that through a military request, Inteliscope is developing a Quick Detach Mount for the InteliscopePRO as well as an 8-10 hour battery backup for Smartphones that will be integrated into the housing of the InteliscopePRO. You can also expect a new drop in for the app that will allow you to record and direct upload to social media platforms including Youtube. For full details on Inteliscope and their FLIR ONE offering, visit their revamped website at:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Effects of California Led Ammo Ban on Consumers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) today released a new report demonstrating the negative effects that the State of California's ban on the use of traditional lead ammunition in hunting will have on hunters, the state's economy and wildlife conservation. That report, commissioned by NSSF on behalf of the firearms and ammunition industry, was presented today at a public hearing of the Wildlife Resource Committee of the California Fish and Game Commission.

The survey-based report by Southwick Associates quantifies the problems that this ban will cause. Non-lead ammunition is not available for about half of hunting calibers, and the report found the California ban will cause severe shortages nationwide.

Due to technical and market-based constraints on manufacturers, the implementation of AB711 will at least triple the price of ammunition, driving more than one-third of the state's hunters to hunt less or stop hunting completely. With the loss of more than 50,000 hunters in the state, California's economy will see a loss of millions of dollars in salaries and in tax revenue.

In addition, as hunters are the primary source of conservation funding in the state, a dramatic decline in hunters means fewer dollars for wildlife conservation.  We have provided the full report below:

FEAR GEAR Sniper Veils Now Available for Pre-Order

There has been a great response to the F.E.A.R. Camo patterns we have featured here with four different variants introduced for varied environments. The most recently introduced Creeper patter for tropic and woodland environments had gone under a name change due to a brand not related to camouflage and is now known as LUCAS. In conjunction with the name change FEAR GEAR has launched their Sniper Veils, which will only be available in the United States and will be offered in each of the four patterns available. 

FEAR GEAR Sniper Veils
The veils are light weight at less than 1 pound for a full body veil and can fit comfortably in an IFAK type pouch to be deployed and stowed in seconds. The hole to fabric ratio offers the end-user easy visibility, while maintaining the integrity for concealment. The pattern selection consists currently of four environment specific variants that utilize our universal base pattern. Each variant has been optimized in both color and geometry for it's intended environment. It's light weight and low profile offers a user more options to reduce his visual signature in the field, particularly in a conflicting environment or exposed with little cover.

You can pre-order your F.E.A.R. Camo Sniper Veil with discounted pricing at
The discounted rates are shown below based on yardage and advanced purchase. Further runs will be offered for international purchase. The veils were developed specifically to offer supplemental concealment options. Even the best printed camouflage patterns that is specific to a particular environment will be less effective when transitioning through conflicting micro environments or you can have a general transitional pattern that is a trade-off between concealment and versatility.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Combat XII Pack Now Available in Kryptek Camouflage

Ares Armor has now started offering specific nylon gear in the Kryptek family of camouflage patterns including Highlander, Typhon, and Mandrake. We are excited to be kick things off by offering the popular Combat XII Pack in each of these camo patterns. 

Combat XII Pack Kryptek Highlander
This is the same no-nonsense design as the original with main compartment holding a hydration bladder sleeve, Two front organization pockets, Top Mount for up to six 5.56 magazines and four 7.62 magazines, PALS webbing on front face and side with matching webbing for the Highlander and Mandrake, while the Typhon option has black webbing. Shoulder straps detach for direct attachment to other MOLLE Gear. Look out for more Ares Armor gear coming soon in these patterns. The new Kryptek Camo options are available with Free Shipping within CONUS and APO at

Combat XII Pack Kryptek Typhon
Combat XII Pack Kryptek Mandrake